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Tuesday, 28th May 2013

yogaI’ve just completed my first yoga class in a long while and I feel fabulous.
I was a regular yoga goer for many years until the birth of my son, then it just seemed impossible to find the time. I forgot just how good it could make you feel and “getting back to the mat” slowly stopped being a priority.

It’s been three super busy years but finally a little bit of balance is creeping back in,  so again I find myself on the mat, happily practicing Sakshin Ghatastha Yoga.

This wonderful form of yoga has a flowing almost dance like quality to it and can be practiced by anyone. One of the best things about Ghatastha Yoga is the personal tuition option.  These are classes where, while you share the room with other students, you get personally taught a sequence. These sequences are organized in grades and can be adjusted to fit any health requirements, they even have a sequence especially for menstruation. Its perfect if you have an injury, are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. Once you’ve learnt a sequence you can practice anywhere, anytime. It just up to you to do it!

Teachers of Sakshin Ghatastha Yoga can be found either

1) in the city at the Yoga Arts Academy

2) in Preston with Lisa Farinosi

3) in the city with Jasmine Johnston at

If just making you feel physically great isn’t enough, some of the other health benefits yoga can give include lowering anxiety, stress and depression while increasing antioxidant status.

A recent study measured gene expression after a yoga session and it showed a positive effect on circulating immune cells. If you’d like to read more about this study have a look here:


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