IVF Acupuncture

IVF Acupuncture

Acupuncture in preparation for IVF

There are plenty of studies now widely available showing the increased success rate of combining acupuncture and IVF.

Most of these studies focus on acupuncture treatments performed within 24 hours either side of the embryo transfer, but in reality committing to regular treatment for both you and your partner will give even better results.

Over the years we have helped many people at different stages of their IVF journey. The people who have had the quickest success are the couples who commit to at least three months of pre-conception treatment before embarking on a stimulated IVF cycle. The treatments focus on improving egg, endometrial and sperm development, thus greatly increasing the chance of a successful first cycle.

If you are on a limited time frame, or have already started the IVF program don’t worry, acupuncture can still help to increase your chances of a successful cycle.

Acupuncture During IVF Treatment

Women who have completed more than one stimulated IVF cycle, both with and with out the support of acupuncture, report a reduction in the side effects of a stimulated cycle and a relatively greater number of quality embryos.

Treatments will vary depending on what type of IVF cycle you are doing.  As a brief guideline we recommend weekly treatments during the initial stages of IVF therapy to help ease the side effects of the medication and to prepare the body for egg collection.

A treatment is recommended around the time of egg collection, and again before and after egg transplant. This is to relax and promote blood flow to the uterus, encourage the body to accept the embryo and calm any anxiety or stress that may be experienced.

One or two  treatments are often recommended during the anxiety ridden time between transfer and blood test  to calm the mind and promote the implantation process.