Pregnancy Acupuncture

It’s no small feat becoming a mum.  Here at Quiescence we strongly believe in supporting women in both body and mind through this exciting yet often daunting transition.

The beauty of acupuncture during pregnancy, especially if you are struggling with morning sickness, is that it is purely bodywork.  No need to take drugs or bad tasting medicines.   You also get to lie down and rest, interruption free, for a good half hour.

While there are acupoints that are historically considered not to be safe to use during pregnancy, as practitioners who frequently treat pregnant women we are well aware of their locations, actions and reasons for being contraindicated.  

Our treatments are always as gentle as possible and conducted with the well being of our patients at the foremost of our minds.

The earliest known Chinese Medicine record regarding the treatment of women during pregnancy is the Jin Gui Yao Lue.  A medical text written by Zhang ZhongJing around the year 200CE.   Since then there has been a steady growth of knowledge and understanding in how to address both common and complex pregnancy related conditions.

As your pregnancy progresses they demands on your body change.  Below are our recommendations for each trimester.

The First Trimester – morning sickness, fatigue, anxiety 
We recommended weekly acupuncture treatments

(0 – 12 weeks) During the first trimester we recommend weekly acupuncture treatments for the mother. These treatments aim to regulate Qi and Blood flow, descend ‘Rebellious Stomach Qi’ ie nausea and ‘secure the uterus’.

The first trimester can be a real struggle for some women.  Fatigue, high levels of anxiety and persistent nausea and/or vomiting are often experienced. Regular acupuncture can offer support  through these challenging weeks.

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(North American Journal of Oriental Medicine: Case study Research on Nausea & Vomiting in pregnancy and the benefits of Hinaishin needles at Kidney 27)

The Second Trimester – support and prevention
We recommended fortnightly to monthly  acupuncture treatments.

(13 – 28 weeks) During this time, when the pregnancy is stronger and generally more stable, treatments are done only once per fortnight to once per month.  Here we focus on maintaining vitality and well being, addressing any ailments as they arise.

Often referred to as the “glowing trimester” these weeks can be very difficult for those who have previously suffered late miscarriages or other complications.  Acupuncture by experienced practitioners can be a useful tool to help navigate the anxiety of a looming anniversary while physically supporting the  current pregnancy .

The Third Trimester – birth preparation, breech presentation, induction.
We recommended weekly acupuncture from 34-36weeks

(28 – 40 weeks) Fortnightly to monthly treatments are still recommended up until week 34-36 where weekly treatments are resumed to prepare your body for a healthy birth. We recommend talking to us at 34 weeks if your baby is in breech presentation.

Pregnancy Acupuncture