Pregnancy Acupuncture

It is a natural progression from fertility treatments to pregnancy acupuncture and we must say it is a pleasure to see women who were once struggling with fertility sail through their pregnancy complication free.

With acupuncture on their side most women who see us for regular treatment have very straight forward pregnancies. However we are well equipped to help those suffering from most pregnancy related health complaints as well as those classed as high risk. 

Acupuncture can successfully treat the more common conditions of pregnancy such as morning sickness, fatigue, placenta previa (low lying placenta), pubic symphisis pain, sciatica and breech presentation.

Through regular acupuncture treatments we have also helped women with serious histories of miscarriage carry to full term, and notice a significant reduction in the incidence of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes reducing the need for medical intervention.

In the last one or two months of pregnancy regular acupuncture is excellent at preparing the body for a timely and efficient natural birth.  Women receiving regular acupuncture have also been shown to have had consistently reduced labour times. (Betts D. Medial Acupuncture 2006 May; 17(3): 17-20.)

The First Trimester – morning sickness, fatigue, anxiety 
We recommended weekly acupuncture treatments

(0 – 12 weeks) During the first trimester we recommend weekly acupuncture treatments for the mother. These treatments reduce the risk of miscarriage and ease morning sickness and fatigue by supporting the digestive system and promoting blood flow to the uterus.

Whether you are suffering from mildly persistent nausea or intense vomiting or both acupuncture can assist in making the day more manageable. Depending on the person it can completely resolve the symptoms of morning sickness or reduce them enough to turn a bed ridden day into one more manageable. Fatigue and food selection can be a real struggle and anxiety levels can be high and difficult to manage, regular acupuncture and a sympathetic ear can help get you through these challenging weeks.

The Second Trimester – support and prevention
We recommended fortnightly – monthly  acupuncture treatments.

(13 – 28 weeks) During this time, when the pregnancy is stronger and generally more stable, treatments are done only once per fortnight to once per month. Here we focus on reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure as well as addressing aliments such as placenta previa, pubic symphisis pains and any lingering morning sickness.

While this trimester is often said to be the “glowing trimester” it can be very difficult for those who have previously suffered late miscarriages or other complications. Acupuncture is excellent for helping to manage the anxiety of a looming anniversary while physically supporting the  current pregnancy .

The Third Trimester – birth preparation, breech presentation, induction.
We recommended weekly acupuncture from 34-36weeks

(28 – 40 weeks) Fortnightly to monthly treatments are still recommended up until week 34-36 where weekly treatments are resumed to prepare your body for birth. Week 34 is the optimum time to address breech presentation babies.

There are acupoints that are are historically considered not to be safe to use during pregnancy and all the practitioners at Quiescence are well aware of their locations, actions and reasons for being contraindicated. Our treatments are safe, gentle and effective with the well being of our patients at the foremost of our minds.

Pregnancy Acupuncture