Pain Management

This is all about relieving, reducing and managing pain with acupuncture, whatever the cause.

Acupuncture has been long regarded as an effective treatment for pain management anywhere in the body. Acute injuries respond quickly and effectively, only requiring a few treatments in quick succession. Chronic or deeper pain will take longer to resolve completely but relief can be experienced from the first treatment.

Acupuncture works to reduce inflammation and swelling in the body while releasing muscle spasms.

People often comment in surprise at how quickly a bruise or swelling resolves immediately after a treatment.

Acupuncture will speed the healing process reducing the recovery time of breaks, sprains and post surgical procedures.

Whether you have recently suffered an injury causing muscle, ligament or tendon damage or you have inflammatory conditions such as arthritis  or degeneration of the joints or you just have pain and tension build up due to stress, acupuncture can be an effective treatment for you.

While many treatment protocols involve directly treating the site of pain it is possible to treat distally, for example using points on the hand to treat headaches. So even if your injury is too sore to touch, or is covered by a cast, acupuncture can still help.

Acupuncture also compliments other treatment modalities such as physiotherapy, chiropractics, osteopathics and massage. By relaxing tension and reducing inflammation an acupuncture treatment will allow your manipulative therapist to give a deeper, more effective treatment.