The acupuncturist and tuina/massage practitioners at Quiescence Chinese Medicine include Annalise Drok, Keren Rochwerger, Michael MacKinnell, Rose Anscombe,  Nicola Menegazzo and Phoebe Noble

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Annalise Drok

Annalise has over 14 years of experience treating women's health. She is passionate about enhancing natural fertility, increasing IVF success rates and supporting women through high risk pregnancies.

Keren Rochwerger

Keren is a highly trained and committed Chinese medicine practitioner whose qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Michael MacKinnell

Michael is a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Therapeutic massage. He aims to support optimal health by enhancing the body’s natural healing response.

Rose Anscombe

Rose is a caring, gentle practitioner with a passion for improving the quality of life of those suffering from chronic health conditions.

Nicola Menegazzo

Nicola has a gentle treatment style, often combinng bodywork with acupuncture. She enjoys treating musculoskeletal issues, male and female fertility support including IVF and general health complaints.

Phoebe Noble

Phoebe Noble is an experienced Massage Therapist, Tui Na and Chinese Medicine practitioner, her treatments are both remedial and holistic in nature. Phoebe has an interest in fertility, pregnancy and birth.