The acupuncturist and tuina/massage practitioners at Quiescence Chinese Medicine include Annalise Drok, Kim Riley, Keren Rochwerger, Michael MacKinnell, Peter Slipper and Rebecca Jahr.

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Annalise Drok

Annalise has over 14 years of experience treating women's health. She is passionate about enhancing natural fertility, increasing IVF success rates and supporting women through high risk pregnancies.

Kim Riley

Kim has a lot of experience working with women facing fertility challenges or undergoing IVF as well as many gynaecological and pregnancy related issues.

Michael MacKinnell

Michael is a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Therapeutic massage. He aims to support optimal health by enhancing the body’s natural healing response.

Peter Slipper

Peter’s treatments are aimed at re-establishing harmony between the body’s internal regulatory systems so that the body can function to its fullest potential within the frantic modern world.

Rebecca Jahr

Rebecca is an experienced Japanese style acupuncturist who also loves treating children and offers constitutional facial acupuncture.

Courtney Fisher

Courtney is full of vital energy and positivity. She is clear and focused both with her treatment plans and her interactions with others. A treatment with Courtney will leave you feeling cared for and just a little bit brighter.