Kristen Benson

HS_Kristen BensonMassage Therapy

Kristen completed her studies in relaxation massage therapy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, where she is currently undergoing a Bachelor of Health Science, Chinese Medicine.

The two modalities complement each other nicely as she incorporates her knowledge of the meridians and energy points with the flowing and gentle Swedish oil massage to move qi and blood and create a relaxing and tranquil experience to calm the mind and body.

Kristen’s interest in the healing arts was sparked after having great results with a Chinese Medicine practitioner for her own concerns.  She was amazed by the care, wisdom and understanding given and wished to possess such skills and knowledge and to be able to help others too.

The journey is a lifelong one. Kristen hopes to help people to become more aware of their own bodies, to be in touch with their emotions and to help their bodies to heal themselves,  believing you should float out of her treatments.

Kristen is currently away on Maternity leave, all her patients are being covered by Phoebe Noble.