At Quiescence we make a range of organic herbal products for day to day use.  Our Teas, Stock Packs, Botanical skin balms and clays are handmade on site in small batches.  The beautiful colours and smells are derived from the medicinal herbs and are likely to be a little different from batch to batch.   These products have been designed to enhance your treatment or just add a little bit of gentle herbal magic to your day.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Quiescence Botanicals

A range of botanical balms, oils and clays.  To create our oils and balms we soak Chinese medicinal herbs in carefully selected organic carrier oils for several weeks to extract their healing properties.  The balms are then solidified with Australian beeswax.   Our facial clays are a combination of Australian clay and finely powdered herbs known for their skin healing properties.

Red Pheonix Trauma Oil                       $18
For Breaks, Sprains and Swelling

Dragonsblood & Sandalwood Balm    $24
For aches and Pains

Eucalyptus Chest Rub                            $28
For chesty coughs and stuffy noses

Calendula Cream                                   $28
For dry itchy skin and psoriasis     

Skin Salve                                                $28
For angry red skin and eczema

Calendula & Chamomile Bath Oil       $24
For childhood eczema & troubled skin

Salvia and Motherwort Clay Mask      $24
For oily and acne prone skin

Aloe and Angelica Clay Mask               $24
For sensitive skin and fine lines

Lip Balms                                                  $8
For dry lips 

Sample Sizes                                            $8
Balms,creams, masks, scrubs available (not oils)

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Quiescence Herbal Teas

Organic Herbal Teas products are a selection of quality Chinese medicinal herbs, hand-blended to produce naturally caffeine free teas. The blends are based on ancient Chinese traditions and are prefect any time of the day or night for both health and pleasure.

Heart Warming                             $18
Warming spices for the heart, digestive system and womb.

 Gen Mai Cha                                 $18
Green tea and roasted rice.  A classic easy drinking tea.

Harmonising                                 $18
A blend of sweet cooling herbs and peppermint. Aids digestions, curbs sugar cravings and  soothes a sore throat. 

Yin Cooling                                    $18
A blend of cooling and nourishing herbs to support mental function.  Encourages a healthy menstrual cycle.

Happy Tea                                   $18
An ancient formula that nourishes the heart and calms the spirit.

Longevity                                     $18
A blend of adaptogenic herbs that nourish Qi boosting energy and lifting the spirits.

Raspberry Leaf                          $18
For the expecting Mum or to ease painful menstruation.

Detox                                          $18

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You can read more about our Organic Teas here: Blog post: Organic Teas

Quiescence Herbal Stock Packs

Our range of Healing Herbal Stock Packs are simple Chinese herbal formulas designed to nourish the body while still tasting good.  We suggest you add these to your homemade chicken, beef or veggies stocks in the last hour of boiling for a medicinal boost.

Immunity Boost        $9
Used to give the immune system a healthy boost.

Vitality        $9
To  nourish blood and qi,  good for treating fatigue.

Spirit Nourishing        $9
A traditional blend of herbs that warm the cockles of your heart. 

Mamma Love        $9
Used post birth to nourish the body, mind and soul.

Lung Detox        $9
To cleanse and strengthen the lungs.  Good for coughs and quitting smoking

Winter Warmer        $9
Adds a warming spice to your stock, excellent for pho and other Asian dishes

Tummy Tonic        $9
To strengthen digestion and boost qi

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Pruducts Healing Herbal Stock

You can read more about our Healing Herbal Stocks here : Resources/healing-herbal-stocks

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