Frequently Asked Questions

Here we hope to cover all of your Frequently Asked Questions, if you have any further questions please feel free to email us at

CLinic FAQs

What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am – 3pm
Early morning appointments are available on request.

Is there parking nearby? We have free on street parking right in front of the clinic, as well as parking spots available in the side streets. We are a short walk from the St Georges Road and Alfred Crescent tram stop on the Tram 11 route.

What should I wear for acupuncture? We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing for acupuncture and massage treatments if possible. It’s no problem if you can’t, we just like to be as comfortable as possible .

What should I bring to a consultation? Any relevant medical test results (x-rays, blood tests etc) are useful but mostly we just need you and your story. Don’t forget your private health care card to make an on the spot claim.

Can my partner come too? We offer couple treatments for fertility consultations, for these sessions both you and your partner would receive a treatment so we would like to allow a little extra time to see you. You can also bring your partner to a session just for moral support.

How many acupuncture treatment sessions will I need? It depends a lot on the condition however we usually recommend beginning with weekly sessions, then fortnightly then monthly for maintenance. For acute cases (such as labor inducing treatments or for chronic pain) we may recommend coming in twice a week.

Do you have a student discount? Yes we do! You’ll need to bring in your student card for us to site and then we can apply 20% off your treatment. We also offer 20% off for all concession and pension card holders.

How do I make an appointment for acupuncuture or herbal medicine? You can book online here or call us on 03 9486 4756. Alternatively send us an email

Is my acupuncturist registered? All our practitioners are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. (AHPRA)

Can I make Private Health Care Claims for acupuncture? Yes, all our practitioners are covered for Private Health rebates, if you bring your card to your appointment we can swipe it on the spot. We can also email your Invoice for you to send to your private health provider.

Can I make Work-Safe Claims for acupuncture? Work safe claims can be made, please let us know in advance and we’ll orgnaise the required documentation.


Does acupuncture hurt? No! There can be sensation as the needle is inserted, most describe this as a dull ache or light twinge. Sensitivity of the patient and the area will vary from day to day but your practitioner will be there to assist you with that.

Do you have gift vouchers? Yes you can purchase them through our online shop HERE or in person in the clinic.

What is cupping? We have a little video here that shows some cupping in action. Cupping involves a vacuum being created inside a specialized glass cup which is then positioned onto the body. The vacuum creates suction, drawing a small amount of skin and tissue into the cup. This drawing up of tissue, or ‘lift’ is what makes cupping feel amazing. By lifting and stretching tight muscles and adhesions cupping encourages blood and lymph to flow to the area. This is thought to encourage stagnation (metabolic waste) to be cleared out of the area into the surrounding tissue for eventual elimination.

Do I need a script to buy herbs? It depends on what you’re after. We offer personalised blends of herbs which require a script. If you have a script from another registered practitioner we can fill it for you. We also offer repeat scripts for patients, just call or email to re-order. You’re welcome to buy individual herbs and our shelf products without a script.

Are Chinese herbs of high quality? All our herbs in all their forms are certified to be heavy metal and pesticide free. Our raw herbs are sourced from sustainable farmers in China, Taiwan and Australia. Our pills and capsules are produced by China Med, a well known Australian herbal company. Our granules are recognized as the one of the best on the global market and are made in Taiwan.

Can children have acupuncture too? Yes! Our practitioners offer a wonderful kids treatment. Pediatrics treatments start with a lot of talking and move into a little bit of gentle massage or stroking and tapping of the channels. You can read more here.

I’m a new parent, can I bring my baby to a treatment session? Of course! We love meeting your little ones and our friendly reception staff are always happy to babysit. We also offer tele-health appointments and can post herbs out to you if that option works best.

If you are not sure who to book in with, please give us a call. We are more than happy to guide you.