Fertility Preparation & Preservation

Recently we have noticed a much higher interest in the idea of natural fertility preparation and preservation here at Quiescence.

If you are in your 30’s chances are you were brought up on a healthy diet of “girls can do anything!”.  Which is true.  We are now seeing the other message coming through loud and clear which is “don’t leave it too late!”  Which is also true.  So what do you do?  There’s an education to get, a career to develop,  a world to explore, people to meet, that special person to find etc etc.  That’s a lot to achieve in a short period of time, especially if you want to have kids naturally.

We have been seeing more and more women who find themselves in their mid to late 30’s very aware that their natural fertility is declining but not really in a position to fall pregnant.

Not wanting to go to the expense or extreme of collecting and freezing their eggs they are looking for a natural way to help preserve fertility. Thankfully this is where we can help.

Current medical opinion state that age is the single most important factor influencing your chance to conceive naturally.   By the time you reach 35 years your natural fertility is half that of when you are in your 20’s.  This rapidly declines to about a 4% chance of falling pregnant naturally at the age of 40.  From a Chinese Medicine perspective while age does affect natural fertility, it’s more about how healthy you live.  Through acupuncture and herbal medicine we often seen big improvements in people’s general health and thus reproductive health.

Our overriding take home message is get healthy and stay healthy.  Its important to address any  gynecological condition that you may have such as PCOS or endometriosis.  We look at maintaining a regular menstrual cycle with a healthy flow and good quality fertile mucus.  Managing your overall health by reducing stress, eating well, sleeping well and exercising for your body type as well as looking after your menstrual health will help support your reproductive potential.Fertility Preservation