Happy Year of the Pig

happy year of the pig

Today, 5th of February 2019, marks the start of the two week celebration of Chinese New Year – Happy Year of the Earth Pig!

Chinese astrology is based on a 12 year cycle with a corresponding element (wind, fire, earth, water or metal) and an animal representing each year.  2019 is the year of the Earth Pig. Legend goes that the Pig overslept and was last to join the other animals at the Jade Emperor’s party, so he was named the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac.

In Chinese culture pigs are associated with relaxation and prosperity due to how much they enjoy their rest and food.  Pigs, being smart creatures are also a symbol of intelligence, honesty and bravery.

If you’re having a baby this year you can expect a gentle, kind little one with generous and peaceful nature.  They are likely to need some help cultivating patience and endurance, but their tenderness and knowledge will see them through most difficulties.

Our friend and North Fitzroy local Jess Racklyeft has a new children’s book out about the Year of the Pig. (pictured above) It’s a lovely read, we have a copy in reception.  Have a look next time you’re in the clinic! The Pig is an ethical and idealistic sign.  It is likely that this coming year will continue to develop the social awareness and changes that started to gain traction last year.  We can already see environmental and social issues taking center stage in the upcoming Australian elections. Let’s hope the wise and peaceful energetic nature of this Earth Pig year will help influence the outcome.

In the clinic:

You may have noticed a our brand new shelves! No more plastic tubs! This beautiful new home for our herbs has been a while in the planning and making and we are so happy with how it’s turned out. While it was definitely a mission getting all 256 herbs into place it was well worth while.

In another bid to go greener this year we have set up a soft plastics bin for the few bits and pieces that arrive in our clinic wrapped in plastic. We’re also hoping to go paperless in 2019, lots of work to do there! What are your goals this year?

Rebecca is offering her beautiful facial treatments on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Annalise is working Monday to Thursday and is also available Saturdays. Remember we are also open on Sundays – Phoebe and Michael available for both acupuncture and massage treatments. For those after hours sessions, Keren and Peter are both available for evening appointments.

Happy Year of the Pig and we look forward to assisting with your health goals this year!

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