IVF Support

Over the years we have supported many people through different stages of their IVF journey.

We believe in preparing the body to optimize fertility potential. We have noticed that when people are feeling emotionally strong, and physically healthy they tend to have better success rates.
Our treatments are individually tailored to reflect what is happening in your body physically, emotionally and energetically. We take into consideration what is happening in your life generally and how your body is responding to each stage of the IVF cycle.

Acupuncture During IVF Treatment.

Treatment frequency will vary depending on where you are in your IVF journey.
As a brief guideline we recommend bi-weekly to weekly treatments for preparation and during an IVF cycle.

To support your body in the best way possible and help manage side effects we specifically recommend acupuncture treatment around the time of egg collection, and again before and after egg transplant.
We also recommend one or two acupuncture treatments during the anxiety ridden time between transfer and blood test known as the ‘two week wait’.

If you are interested in more detailed information about how Chinese Medicine can help you please call us, or book an appointment here.