Mental Health

Here at Quiescence we frequently see people with a variety of mental health conditions including:

  • Anxiety
  • Generalised stress disorder
  • Depression
  • PMMD
  • Insomnia

    In many instances people come in for seemingly unrelated conditions and find that through treatment their mental health also improves.

    We take a holistic approach to treatment using a combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle changes to ficillate

    • Calming the nervous system
    • Encourage the parasympathetic nervous system take over
    • Decreasing stress hormones (cortisol)
    • Holistically supporting the body and mind

    In Chinese medicine the spirit and emotional self is seen as being fully integrated with the physical body.

    Each of the five emotions are thought to resonate with an internal organs’ Qi (energy). In simple terms:

    • Greif resonates with the Lung Qi
    • Joy resonates with the Heart Qi
    • Anger, resentment and stress resonates with the Liver Qi
    • Fear resonates with the Kidney Qi
    • Anxiety and worry resonates with the Spleen Qi

    This means that an emotion is both processed by and can energetically affect the organ it resonates with.

    For example Lung Qi resonates with grief, it is the Lung Qi that is responsible for processing grief and releasing it from the body. If the Lung Qi is not robust, grief can be harder to process, while long term grief can deplete the Lung Qi resulting in other Lung function disorders.

    Our emotional disposition can also be seen as a reflection of our internal energetic balance, for example if someone finds they get irritable easily it is likely due to the Liver Qi not free flowing adequately for some reason.

    Thinking of our emotions in this way helps us guide treatments in a way that is supportive of both body and mind.

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