Nourishing Life

Nourishing LifeNourishing Life, and Fertility

Yang Sheng, in Chinese, means to ‘nourish life’. The principles are based on the preservation of health, not just the treatment of disease. The way we choose to care for our health now will impact not only on the quality of our health in later years but also that of our children, and children’s children, for many generations to come.
At Quiescence we do a lot of work assisting couples to conceive. As a result men’s and women’s health in general has become the dominating focus of our practice, whether you are trying to conceive or not. It has become obvious that optimal health equates to optimal fertility. We feel this concept is especially important because it is this state of health that is carried forward into the future. From a ‘Yang Sheng’ perspective it’s not just about having babies, but also about having healthy, constitutionally strong babies who grow into happy, healthy kids.Over the next few posts we will be writing about the various stages of the menstrual cycle, linking the Chinese Medicine to the western medicine and hopefully giving you a better understanding of how this whole thing works. But for now please, take a second and think about this: How nourishing is my lifestyle really.

  • How much of my food comes from a packet?
  • How much exercise am I getting?
  • How much sleep am I getting?
  • How much stress am I under?
  • Is trying to conceive becoming an obsession?

If you’re not happy with your answer to any of these questions talk about it with your partner, and with us. If our lives are well nourished then we can support the growth and development of new life, happily and healthily.

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