Balance Tonic (100ml)

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Dang Gui Shao Yao San Modified

This formula brings Water and Blood back into harmony. It can be used in cases of:

1) Premenstrual tension, especially when water retention is present.

2) Spleen and Kidney Qi deficiency with Blood deficiency and Dampness.

3) Soft tissue trauma with swelling.

ENERGETIC INTENT: Nourish and gently move the Blood, support Spleen Qi and Kidney Yang, assist with fluid metabolism.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: 3 full tubes in warm water, twice a day


Bai Shao [Paeoniae Radix Alba] 14%

Fu Ling [Selerotiyum Poriae Cocos] 13%

Ze Xie [Alismatis Rhizoma] 13%

Bai Zhu [Atractylodes Macrocephala] 13%

Dang Gui [Angelicae Sinensis Radix] 10%

Du Zhong [Eucommia Ulmoides] 10%

Xu Duan [Dipsaci Radix] 10%

Chuan Xiong [Lovage Rhizoma] 7%

Gui Zhi [Cinnamomi Ramulus] 7%

All our tinctures are hand made, right here in the clinic. We take the highest quality, raw therapeutic herbs and put them through a dual extraction process using refined neutral cane alcohol and purified water.

This dual extraction process ensures we obtain all the water soluble active ingredients along with the volatile non-water soluble constituents to create a highly concentrated and bio-available end product.

We use a ratio of 2:6:3 herb:water:alcohol which gives us a final alcohol percentage of 30%.

Our recommended dose is 3 full tubes, approximately 2.5mls of tincture, two times per day in water.

The amount of alcohol in this dose is 0.6ml, or 4% of a standard 30ml shot of vodka.

If you like you can evaporate the alcohol off by mixing the tincture with boiling water and allowing it to cool. It may not completely clear all the alcohol but it will reduce the percentage to almost nothing.


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