Organic Tea – Raspberry Leaf (40g)

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For the expecting Mum or to ease painful menstruation.

Raspberry leaf is a thought of as a uterine tonic and is commonly used to prepare the body for birth. We combine organic raspberry leaf with a little peppermint and rose to create a delicious blend designed to support women’s health.

Raspberry Leaf Tea is a part of our Women’s Health family. We recommended taking it to promote healthy menstruation. Other blends in our Women’s Health family are Heart Warming, to support the luteal phase of the cycle and Yin, to nourish the follicular phase of the cycle or to aid menopausal symptoms.

INGREDIENTS: Raspberry leaf, rose petals & peppermint

100% organic


Place 1-2 tsp in a tea pot or cup with a strainer. Pour in boiling water. Let brew for 1-3 minutes. Flavour will vary depending on strength.

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Take during the third trimester of pregnancy only. Not suitable during the first or second trimester.

Week 32 to 37- 1 cup per day
Week 37 – 2 cups per day
Week 38 – 3 cups per day
Week 39 on wards- 4 cups per day

Outside of pregnancy take a daily cup to maintain menstrual health. During menstruation take up to 4 cups per day to manage cramps. Not suitable during heavy bleeding.

Hand blended in Melbourne, Australia

Our teas have a shelf life of 2 years.

40g is approximately 35 serves.

* Out of stock: We are currently awaiting a delivery of canisters, in the meantime if you would like to purchase this tea it's available in our refill bags.

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