The Benefits of Qigong

The Benefits of Qigong

Recently we were lucky enough to meet Emma Adnams, the founder of Move for Life Qigong, and experience her wonderful Qigong classes here in Fitzroy. Qigong, pronounced “chee goong” is an ancient energy-centred movement practice, deeply rooted in the core principles of Chinese Medicine. It combines gentle movements with controlled breathing and meditation.

‘Qi’ means vital energy and ‘Gong’ means to work or cultivate. The aim of Qigong is to build or cultivate our body’s internal Qi and encourage healthy circulation in order to maintain a sense of wellbeing and vitality. You can think of it as a meditative internal workout or ‘the art of mastering one’s energy’.

The Essence of Qigong

Qigong is an ancient holistic practice that creates harmony between body and mind. Steeped in traditional wisdom, the principles of Qigong include movement, breathing and mindfulness techniques designed to awaken and harmonise Qi flow through our meridians (internal energy pathways), strengthening the life force within us.

Qigong moving practice and breathing techniques along with TCM principles build strength, stress relief, resilience and wellbeing physically and emotionally.

Here are a few words from Emma and some information on how to join her in an in-person or online class – something we highly recommend!

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Emma’s Path to Qigong

Hi, I’m Emma, your local Qigong Instructor. My own Qigong journey started right when I needed it, during a bustling phase of life. Amidst career uncertainty, busy family and work demands, a growing number of aches and pains and rising stress levels, I stumbled upon this transformative practice and haven’t looked back.

“Right from the start, the gentle movements and conscious breathing brought me into awareness to start to understand myself and make changes that would begin to bring my life into balance. With each practice session, I felt more energised and connected to my body and mind.
Each session helps relieve my stress levels and to stay in the present moment. Much like my experiences with my TCM practitioner, I began to understand the intimate connection between my choices, my surroundings and my overall wellbeing.
Qigong quickly became a daily practice, guiding my self-discovery and healing journey. Its influence even prompted a shift in my career, where I now use my personal experience to bring Qigong’s profound simplicity into the lives of others.”

The Energising Benefits of Qigong Practice

Qigong practice offers many benefits that extend beyond the physical realm. As you engage in its gentle movements, breathwork and mindfulness, you embark on a journey of energy
healing that positively influences your holistic wellbeing.
● Activate and balance the flow of Qi: The dynamic practice of Qigong activates and balances the flow of Qi – the life force energy within you. This resonance between Qigong and TCM principles not only nurtures your physical health but also cultivates emotional resilience, leading to a profound sense of holistic wellness.
● Stress Release and Mind-Body Harmony: At the heart of Qigong lies the powerful opportunity to relieve stress. The intentional movements and focused breathwork create a calming effect on your nervous system, allowing you to cultivate a peaceful mindset. With each Qigong session, you consciously practise how you want to feel, aligning your mind and body to harmonise your overall energy.
● Enhanced Vitality: Qigong practice promotes the smooth flow of Qi along the meridians, boosting your energy and vitality. The integration of gentle stretches and flowing movements gently supports physical flexibility and balance, contributing to an enhanced sense of overall wellness.
● Energy Healing: Rooted in energy healing principles, Qigong enhances the body’s innate ability to heal itself. By facilitating the free flow of Qi, it supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms, fostering an environment conducive to health and vitality.
● Holistic Wellbeing: The holistic approach of Qigong extends beyond the physical aspects, aligning seamlessly with TCM principles. As you engage in regular Qigong practice, you may experience improvements in digestion, immunity and emotional stability, nurturing a sense of harmony within.

Qigong offers a transformative path

Whether you’re seeking stress relief, mind-body alignment, or a deeper connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Qigong offers a transformative path. By integrating the wisdom of energy healing and mindful movement, you embark on a journey towards holistic wellness that empowers you to take charge of your own vitality.

Join the Move for Life Qigong Community

For support on your wellness journey join the vibrant Move for Life Qigong community, where you’ll find guidance, support and a nurturing space to explore the profound benefits of Qigong practice. Led by experienced Qigong instructor Emma, this community offers a gateway to energising movements, stress release and the nurturing embrace of mind-body harmony. To learn more download Move for Life Qigong’s Free Ebook A Journey to Wellness: Discovering the Power of Qigong or simply visit
Qigong isn’t merely a practice – it’s an invitation to embrace the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and infuse your life with holistic wellness.

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