The Fat Monk, A True Daoist

chinaDaoism is a philosophical, ethical and religious tradition of China.
It permeates every way of Chinese life, including it’s traditional medicine.

One of Daoisims core teachings is to live in harmony with all of those around us and the universe at large, a simple enough statement but surprisingly difficult to carry out.

Being Chinese Medicine practitioners we all have varying degrees of understanding when it comes to the Dao, I personally have taken to it in fits and spurts, however one of our esteemed colleagues by the name of Xiaoyao Xingzhe has spent much time following and walking the Dao. He has written a series of articles for The Lantern (one of our Chinese Medicine journals) which he has now compiled together on a wordpress page.

If you have any interest in the Dao or are just after some lighthearted, entertaining articles to read click here, it will be well worth your while. 

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