What to Expect

When you first arrive at our clinic you will either be greeted by our friendly admin staff, one of our experienced acupuncture practitioners or Enzo, our convalescing Italian greyhound.

Your practitioner will take you through to one of our treatment rooms where they will listen to your story and discuss your health goals.  To help further their understanding they are likely to ask many questions about indicators such as energy and stress levels, sleep, pain, appetite, menstruation, sweating and digestive function as well as examining your tongue and pulse.

Although sometimes seemingly irrelevant, these indicators allow us as practitioners to understand the true state of your body in relation Chinese Medicine theory.  This lets us create an acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment specific to your needs.

You will receive an acupuncture treatment or remedial massage every time you see us, after which you can expect to feel calm, grounded and very relaxed.

You will also receive recommendations for herbal medicine and basic lifestyle changes.  At each consultation your health is reassessed as you move towards your optimum wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

If there is anything that comes up during the course of the consultation you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We believe deeply in empowerment through education and fully support individuals taking charge of their own health.

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what to expect