Yes, acupuncture involves needles. No, it doesn’t hurt.

At Quiescence we practice a gentle acupuncture technique. We use the finest quality needles that allow for painless and effective treatments.

We have seen many ‘needle phobic’ people through our doors over the years who have all become acupuncture converts. Trusting in the process; benefiting from its effects.

There are acupoints located all over the body. The ones we use most frequently are situated on the limbs, ankles, wrists, abdomen and back.  When stimulated, these points can elicit a specific healing response in the body, clearing stress hormones, boosting energy levels and naturally bringing the body back into balance.  Drug free.

People are often surprised how relaxing acupuncture is.  Normally after a treatment you feel grounded, relaxed and calm. It’s not unusual to feel like you have just woken up, in fact it’s not unusual to have just woken up.

Some people report a heightened sense of energy directly after treatment, while others can feel an overwhelming urge to sleep.  In these cases, it is likely due to the dramatic drop in stress hormones that are experienced during a treatment.  If your baseline energy levels are low you will notice the lack of adrenaline keeping you going.  If this happens to you, listen to your body, rest well and you will experience a significant healing process and a much calmer, sustainable sense of wellbeing.

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