Here at Quiescence we like to think of menopause as a window of opportunity for positive change.

Interestingly, considering the huge body of clinical knowledge Chinese Medicine has on the other phases of menstrual health, there is no mention menopause in Chinese Medicine literature, just that the ‘heavenly water’ or menses is expected to finish at 49 years. It is seen as a natural, normal physiological process with minimal adverse effects.

In saying this there is plenty of literature and treatment protocols which aim to ease many of the typical symptoms of menopause modern day women experience including:

  • Easing hot flushes and sweats
  • Calming anxiety and mood swings
  • Regulating menstrual changes including frequent, heavy bleeding
  • Easing insomnia
  • Supporting digestive function
  • Reducing dryness and promoting healthy mucous membranes

While in western culture menopause is often talked about, and experienced, as a period of loss; be it youth, fertility, femininity or health, in other cultures it is seen as a time for women to step away from the role of nurturer and into the highly regard role of a wise women. We strongly feel having this positive mindset surrounding menopause impacts how we transition from one phase of life into another.

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