Yang Mushrooms (100ml)



A blend of the most famous vitality enhancing mushrooms, including turkey tail, lion's mane and chaga, designed specifically to bolster our bodies' vital energy.

Based on Chinese Medicine herbal theory, and using only the highest quality ingredients, this blend is suited to those feeling drained from the hectic pace of todays modern lifestyle.

Used in Chinese Medicine to:

Strengthen the Lung Qi and boost immunity and respiratory health

Strengthen the Spleen Qi and improve digestive function

Tonify the Kidney Qi to improve adrenal energy and vitality

The amazing mushrooms in our Yang Tonic all contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Prized for their adaptogenic qualities they are often recommended in Asia to provide support through cancer treatments and chronic health conditions.

Well balanced and based on Chinese herbal medicine principles this tonic can be taken daily alongside prescribed herbal formulas, or as a stand alone herbal treatment.


Maitake fruiting body* 20%

Lions mane fruiting body and mycelium^ 20%

Turkey Tail fruiting body and mycelium^ 20%

Chaga fruiting body* 15%

ReiShi fruiting body* 15%

Sha Ren (brown cardamon) 5%

Cacao Husk 5%

Neutral grain alcohol

Filtered water

* ACO certified organic, ^ lovingly grown in the Yarra Valley


Add 3 full tubes (2.5ml) to water or your favourite beverage. Take 1-2 times a day.

All our tinctures are hand made right here in our clinic. We take the highest quality, raw therapeutic herbs and put them through a dual extraction process using refined neutral cane alcohol and purified water.

This dual extraction process ensures we obtain all the water soluble active ingredients along with the volatile non-water soluble constituents to create a highly concentrated and bio-available end product.

We use a ratio of 2:6:3 herb:water:alcohol which gives us a final alcohol percentage of 30%.
Our recommended dose is 3 full tubes, approximately 2.5mls of tincture, two times per day in water.

The amount of alcohol in this dose is 0.6ml, or 4% of a standard 30ml shot of vodka.

You can evaporate the alcohol off by mixing the tincture with boiling water and allowing it to cool. It may not completely clear all the alcohol but it will reduce the percentage to almost nothing.


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