Chinese Bitters (100ml)



Our version of digestive bitters. This formula is based on an ancient recipe to help ease the effects of food and alcohol toxicity and improve digestive function.

Energetic Intent: Clear Food Stagnation and Damp Heat accumulation from the middle Jiao, support the Spleen Qi.

For bloating, indigestion, digestive pains and to ease symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

RECOMMENDED DOSE: Take three full tubes in warm water with meals to aid digestive function.


Ge Hua [kudzu vine flower] 13%
Bai Dou Kou [white cardamom] 7%
Sha Ren  [brown cardamom] 7%
Ban Xia [pinellia rhizome] 7%
Chao Shen Qu [massa fermentata] 7%
Ci Wu Jia[Eleuthero] 7%
Gan Jiang [ginger] 7%
Bai Zhu [white atractylodes] 7%
Fu Ling [poria] 7%
Zhu Ling [polyporus sclerotium] 7%
Ze Xie [water plantain rhizome] 6%
Qing Pi [immature tangerine peel] 6%

All our tinctures are hand made right here in our clinic. We take the highest quality, raw therapeutic herbs and put them through a dual extraction process using refined neutral cane alcohol and purified water.

This dual extraction process ensures we obtain all the water soluble active ingredients along with the volatile non-water soluble constituents to create a highly concentrated and bio-available end product.

We use a ratio of 2:6:3 herb:water:alcohol which gives us a final alcohol percentage of 30%.

Our recommended dose is 3 full tubes, approximately 2.5mls of tincture, two times per day in water.

The amount of alcohol in this dose is 0.6ml, or 4% of a standard 30ml shot of vodka..

If you wish, you can evaporate the alcohol off by mixing the tincture with boiling water and allowing it to cool. It may not completely clear all the alcohol but it will reduce the percentage to almost nothing.


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