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Emotions of Autumn

Last year we discussed the importance of building up your immunity and Qi when Autumn begins and Summer wains (you can read more on that here.) In Chinese philosophy we are also affected by seasonal change emotionally;  a deeper understanding of this can help us live more harmoniously with the seasons.

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30-Day Minimalism Challenge – Part 2

We’re into the second half of the 30 day Minimalism Challenge, you can read more about the philosophy behind simplifying your life over at into-mind.com. You can read how the first 15 days went for Annalise here. Now let’s get into the next phase…

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Annalise’s 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

Here at Quiescence we believe you should practice what you preach! We shared this Into Mind post focussing on the fresh start effect to kick start the new year with the “30-Day Minimalism Challenge”. This February, Annalise decided to take on the challenge herself.

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