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Quiescence Therapeutics

We are pleased to announce that after much trial and many modifications we have made range of Quiescence Therapeutics skin balms, healing oils and facial clays.  They have been designed to both enhance your treatment and to add a little herbal magic to your day.

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Organic Herbal Teas

You may have seen, or even tried some of organic herbal teas on offer in the reception area.  I am pleased to say that after much blending, taste testing and general trial and error we have a range we are happy with.  The individual blends are created using the wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  They […]

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How to Make Stock and Broth

The health benefits of broths are far reaching, in fact Sally Fallon has written a 300 page book on the subject (we highly recommend it , you can find on the reception desk!) Bone broth is an amazing rich source of protein and minerals.

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